Most Popular Stories of 2019

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Top Ten ListIn keeping with the tradition of publishing a New Year’s list that highlights the most widely read stories of the prior year, here is our listing of the top stories that appeared in Librarian News in 2019.  What do you suppose it says about the libraries of the future that by far and away the most read item was about Maintaining Connections in a Virtual Library?


  1. Maintaining Connections in a Virtual Library
  1. Hits and Misses "Survey”
  1.  A Glimpse at Adoption Rates for Westlaw Edge and Context Among the AmLaw 200
  1.  CI tools and wishlists for law firms
  1.  PACER Attacked as Judicially Approved Scam
  1.  Is the Tide Turning in Summer Associate Vendor Preference? Our Survey Results Are In!
  1.  Is there a new evil vendor in the law library community?
  1.  Six affordable (or free) online legal research services
  1.  Finally, A Clear Explanation Of How Blockchain Works In The Legal Space
  1.  Featured article: Legal librarianship in 2019-2020

Casetext Launches CARA Patent That Provides Users AI-Powered Patent Law Research 

Posted on October 23, 2019 by Joseph Lamport

Casetext keeps leading the way by introducing powerful new applications of AI in the legal research market.  This week they announced the roll out of CARA Patent, a new product that leverages the power of AI technology to transform patent law research.

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Turning Our Attention . . . Kind of

As we bring yet another week to a close, we finally have somewhat of a break in the pandemic news. I suspect this has more to do with a technical hiccup than lack of attention by writers and bloggers. Whatever the cause, I can live with it for a day. I dare say that it is a refreshing change of pace as I sit here in self-imposed exile. Today we feature two entries from tech guru Bob Ambrogi. Both focus on steps being taken by vendors to expand their business and offerings. As they say, the show must go on. I, for one, am glad that it is! I hope you are all are staying well and staying safe. Take it away, Bob...

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