CHANGE: FRIEND OR FOE? a Bit of Philosophy and a Case Study

Posted on May 7, 2020 by Nathan Rosen

Change comes at us either slowly and steadily or in a sudden rush, just the way Hemingway described the bankruptcy process.  Water either gushes from the faucet or there's a slow steady drip. 

Up until now, law librarians have been accustomed to managing database renewals, one at a time, as they come due, as part of a gradual and prolonged process.  But what if, instead, a law librarian tried to manage the process of renegotiating contracts across the board in one fell swoop?  This case study describes just such a nine-month process from initial seed germination to fruition, and highlights the methods and procedures a law librarian should consider using to revise nearly the entire library budget as part of a systematic overhaul.

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